Ultimate Ayurvedic Mind Test in 5 Mins (Satvik, Rajasic, Tamasic Explained) (Tutorial => [Video])

Every person perceives and reacts to a situation in their own way. If someone did wrong to you? How would you react? Would you remain unaffected, would you instantly react aggressively or would you rather plan a revenge against that person? According to Ayurveda, the way you act in your daily life is governed by your mental constitution which is called Guna. To know which Guna or quality dominates your mind, we will have a quick test which comprises of 20 questions with each question having 3 distinct options. Knowing the results, I will share proper steps regarding how exactly you should eat and live to experience optimum mental clarity. Interestingly, this test will not just give you a clear picture about your state of mind but also a deep understanding of your personality.

Posted by: @dheeraj